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12 Creative Ways to Feel Close to a Deceased Loved One


It can be hard to feel close to someone we love once they die. After all, experiencing that connection is no longer as easy as picking up the phone or stopping by their house.


While that sense of closeness may not feel the same way that it used to, there are ways that you can be near their memory again and find comfort in knowing that they are still with you, whether they passed away recently or years ago.


How to Feel Close to Someone Who Has Died

You can feel close to someone you miss who has died by talking to the people who knew them, customizing your own memorial Fingerprint Jewelry, finding a space in nature that reminds you of them, and more. Get inspired by our full list of ideas below:


Talk to people who knew them.

You can continue to learn new things about your Loved One, even after they are gone, which will help you to feel closer to them. Ask other family members and friends to share stories with you, and return the favor by reciting your favorite memories.


Visit their hometown.

Take some time to get to know the places that made your Loved One who they were. Visit their favorite spots in their hometown, imagining how they would have interacted with the surroundings. As you do, you’ll feel like your Loved One is right beside you through it all.


Host a meal in their honor.

Nothing brings people together and provides comfort quite like food does. Plan a gathering with family and cook all of your Loved One’s favorite dishes. This is a beautiful way to honor the anniversary of a Loved One’s death, while helping you to feel near their spirit once again.


Customize your own memorial Fingerprint Jewelry.

There’s something special about being able to hold a tangible reminder of a Loved One. Fingerprint Jewelry and Keepsakes offer that connection to someone you miss. Touch the engraved print and know that they are still with you.


Run a 5k supporting their favorite charity.

Choose a cause your late family member or friend loved and get involved--one way to do this is by running a 5k benefiting their favorite charity. Throughout the training and on race day, you’ll be able to feel closer to them and the memories you shared by dedicating the miles to them.


Use something that belonged to them.

The items your Loved One frequently used can be a great comfort to you as you’re grieving. Go through any belongings they left to you and spend some time using a few of the items. Whether you find a paint set, blanket, or record player, you may be surprised as to how close you feel to your Loved One simply through their possessions.


Find a way to continue communicating with them.

There are ways that you can communicate with your Loved One after they pass. Consider writing them a letter or visiting their grave. As you continue to share with them, they’ll continue to feel like a part of your life moving forward.


Finish one of their bucket list items.

Chances are, your Loved One had some form of bucket list or a compilation of goals they wanted to achieve. Pick something that they were hoping to complete and do it for them. From going to the Grand Canyon to writing a book, whatever you choose will give you a sense of accomplishment while helping to continue their story.


Create a memory book with photos and quotes.

A memory book can be more than just a photo album. Get creative with the one you make to honor your Loved One by incorporating quotes, ticket stubs, awards, and more. Find inspiration for the pages by asking family and friends to contribute their own stories and favorite memories.


Find a quiet space in nature.

The stillness of nature can often help people who are grieving to find peace and healing. Being outside with your thoughts can offer clarity and remind you that you are still connected to the person you miss. How you spend this time in nature is up to you. While some choose to plant a prayer garden in their own backyard, others enjoy going for walks on a local trail or simply around their neighborhood.


Keep them in your celebrations.

Gone, but never forgotten. That’s how many grieving family members choose to approach life after a Loved One has died. Even though the deceased is not physically present, their memory continues to be a part of meaningful celebrations and traditions. Consider hanging an Ornament that reminds you of them on your Christmas tree or baking their favorite dessert to share at Thanksgiving. These small details will help you stay close to your Loved One.


Share their story with new generations.

Help your Loved One’s legacy live on by sharing who they were with new family members who don’t remember them or never got the chance to know them. Show your granddaughter how her grandpa used to dance around in the kitchen. Tell your son about the time his mom rescued a dog. These stories matter. Share them, and experience the unsurpassed connection they bring.


If you have lost someone you love, please accept our deepest condolences. It is our hope that you are on your way to healing and that the connection you feel to their memory helps bring you peace on your journey.