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Inscription Examples

Need a little inspiration toward finding the perfect inscription for your unique engraved Fingerprint Keepsake? Consider incorporating a favorite nickname, beloved saying, meaningful bible verse, or one of the popular examples below.

  • The detail and fineness of the inscription means so much. I love wearing this piece of art!

    Personalized Fingerprint Keepsakes help connect you with those you love. These unique mementos showcase your love in a one-of-a-kind way. Fingerprint Jewelry and Keepsakes can also be worn in remembrance of a life that has passed or given as a memorial gift at funeral services.

  • Military
    Dad, We are proud to call you our hero!
  • Funeral & Memorial
    Those we love remain with us
    for love itself lives on.
    Cherished memories never fade
    because one loved is gone.
    Those we love are never more
    than a thought apart, for as
    long as there is a memory
    they live on in our heart.
  • Funeral & Memorial
    We Love You
  • Funeral & Memorial
    Forever in my heart.
  • The Ring really keeps the memory right with me and the inscription I chose made it so special. Love it!!

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  • Funeral & Memorial
    Your life was a gift that I will always honor
  • Military
    (FRONT) Hunter - 1/09/2019
    (BACK) Thank you for serving. We love you endlessly. You are a true hero.
  • Funeral & Memorial
    RHE (Shown as monogram, with first, last & middle initial)
  • Military
    “Hero: noun (1): One who shows great
    courage, admired for
    achievements and
    noble qualities.
    A warrior.”

    Sarah, thank you for
    your service. We love
    you, and are so proud
    to call you our hero.

  • Military
    (FRONT) John Smith 01.09.2019
    (BACK) - "The Lord is my
    strength and my shield."
    -Psalms 28:7
  • Funeral & Memorial
    Keeping you
    close to my
    heart, now
    and always
  • Military
    - Near or Far, I Love You
  • Funeral & Memorial
    Your greatest love was our family. You showered us with an abundance of love and affection. You were loving, gentle, trusting, caring, supportive, warm, forgiving, patient, creative, and kind. You loved ever so much and we will carry you in our hearts forever.
  • Funeral & Memorial
    (FRONT) Grandpa John 8/12/27-10/02/13

    (BACK) We will carry you in
    our hearts forever. We
    love you and miss you!
  • This is one of my favorite pieces - the Dog Tag exceeded my expectations - it displays the fingerprint and engraving beautifully.

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  • Funeral & Memorial
    (FRONT) Uncle Bill - 7/14/74-9/03/12

    (BACK) A hero is someone
    who has given his or her
    life to something
    bigger than oneself.
  • Military
    (FRONT) Sarah Smith - 1/09/2019

    (BACK) Thank you for your
    bravery, strength,
    and commitment.
    We are so proud!
  • Military
    (FRONT) Jake - 3/17/2019

    (BACK) - “Every good and perfect
    gift is from above…”
    -James 1:17
  • Funeral & Memorial
    BRE (Shown as monogram, with first, last, & middle initial)
  • Military
  • Funeral & Memorial
    We love you
    to the moon
    and back
    now & always