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Keepsake Teddy Bears

personalized keepsake teddy bears wearing a necklace engraved with a fingerprint
Experience the comfort of always having your Loved One near with a Keepsake Teddy Bear wearing a Stainless Steel Charm. The Bear is a soothing reminder of your Loved One’s presence, and the personalized Charm is engraved to showcase every line and groove of a unique fingerprint. Each Fingerprint Charm can be further customized with an inscription on the reverse side. Handprint, footprint, and paw print Charm options are also available.

Keepsake Teddy Bears are meaningful gifts for kids or grandparents. Whether as a memorial honoring the life of a lost Loved One, a Keepsake from a deployed military parent, or a special reminder of the love between family members, each Bear is as one-of-a-kind as the unique bond it represents.