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Fingerprint Tie Tacks, Cufflinks, & Lapel Pins

Tangible connection to a Loved One can be felt each day with our Fingerprint Tie Tacks, Cufflinks, and Lapel Pins. Our custom Jewelry is engraved with every line and groove of your Loved One’s unique print. Feel their fingerprint, and know that they are always near.

Our statement Jewelry is a beautifully touching way to honor pallbearers, family members, and others who were close to your Loved One at funeral services. Tie Tacks, Cufflinks, and Lapel Pins can also honor a beloved life as they are worn each day, whether to the office, graduations, weddings, baptisms, or any other formal event where you want to feel your Loved One’s spirit.

Each of our Memorial Jewelry pieces are handcrafted with care to respectfully pay tribute to your Loved One. Keepsakes are laser engraved by expert artists and technicians in Kansas City, MO, and many can be delivered within 24 hours, in time for funeral services and other important events.