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Necklace Chain Guide

Find the perfect style with our helpful Chain length guide.

Many of our personalized Pendants, Charms, Dog Tags, and more can be worn with one of our beautiful Chain options. Whether a 14k Gold Adjustable Cable Chain, a Sterling Silver Diamond Cut Chain, or one of our other styles, we have a Necklace Chain look and length that’s the perfect finishing touch for your custom Jewelry.

Browse our Chain length guide below to find the right fit for you.

What to Consider When Choosing a Necklace Chain Length

When choosing a Chain length, you need to consider what you will wear on it. A small Charm looks best when worn on a shorter Chain, while bigger Jewelry pieces like Pendants or Dog Tags can be worn on longer Chains. The weight of the additional Jewelry pieces on your Chain will also affect how it lays on your body. A Pendant will pull your Chain lower than a lighter Charm will.

Not every Chain length will fit the same way on every person. Your body type and size have a lot to do with the way a Necklace will lay on you. For example, an 18in Chain will hang lower on a petite person’s chest than on someone with a different body shape. Our adjustable Chains are a great option for people who are unsure of the exact length they would like, as well as those who want more versatility and flexibility with their Jewelry.

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