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Fingerprint Pocket Knives

Bring your Loved One along on every adventure with a Fingerprint Pocket Knife. Our personalized Knives showcase your Loved One’s unique fingerprint together with a meaningful inscription. Each Keepsake is a heartfelt gift and can serve as a touching memorial that honors someone who has passed.

Our Bear & Son® Executive Lockback Pocket Knife has a beautiful Stainless Steel handle and has the option of dual print engraving so that you can keep two family members forever close. Our Kershaw® Pocket Knife features a lightly etched fingerprint on a black coating for an elegant appearance.

Our Memorial Keepsakes are handcrafted with care in Kansas City, MO by our team of expert artists and technicians. We treat every piece as our most important, paying respect to the Loved One it represents. Most of our Keepsakes can be created and delivered to you within 24 hours.