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A Loved One's PIN is not required to buy an eGift Card; however, the recipient will need a PIN to buy fingerprint keepsakes.
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A cherished fingerprint keepsake is uniquely personal and endures forever. Legacy Touch eGift Cards provide a way to give the gift of personalized connection, while still allowing the recipient to choose and customize the piece in the way that is most meaningful to them. Available in multiple denominations, our eGift Cards are delivered directly to your email within minutes of your order being placed.

Please note the following important information:

  • A Loved One's PIN, which uniquely identifies the fingerprint, is required to order a keepsake. The PIN is created when prints are uploaded into our system. Please ensure that a PIN, or a copy of the prints, exists before purchasing a Legacy Touch eGift Card.
  • If a PIN does not exist for any reason, but fingerprints of the deceased Love One are available (eg. from military or hospital records, etc.), please contact us for assistance in uploading those prints and creating a PIN.
For more information on eGift Cards, see our FAQs and the Terms and Conditions for eGift Cards. For more about our process, see How It Works.

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