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Dual Print Keepsakes

zippo lighter and keychains engraved with two fingerprints
Feel incredible closeness to two of the people you love the most with Dual Print Keepsakes. Engraved with the unique fingerprints of two Loved Ones, our custom Keepsakes are handcrafted with care by expert artisans in Kansas City to give you a tangible connection to the people you care about.

Personalized Dual Print Keepsakes are a beautiful way to commemorate the special bonds that families share. Whether worn with the fingerprints of your children, parents, grandparents, or siblings, our customizable pieces are meaningful heirlooms that honor every one-of-a-kind story.

Custom Dual Print Keepsakes are a beautiful gift for families. Dual Print Keepsakes can also serve as a touching memorial that pays tribute to the lives of two Loved Ones who have passed, offering a heartfelt sense of their eternal presence.