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5 Thoughtful Ways to Tell Someone “I Hope You’re Doing Well”


Reaching out to a friend who is going through a hard time is an important way to let them know you’re thinking of them and that they’re not alone. Not only can this build a stronger relationship between both of you, but it can also help your friend as they begin their personal healing journey.


One way to support your friend, and make sure they’re doing alright, is to find ways to let them know you hope they’re well.


Need a little help figuring out what to say? Continue reading for our list of five examples:


“Come over for a homecooked meal.”

Having a homecooked meal made for you is one of the best feelings in the world—and one your friend is sure to appreciate during their difficult time. Offer to make them their favorite food one evening. Not only will it provide some much-needed comfort, but it will also give them a much-deserved break.


“I got you this gift.”

Gifts are a heartfelt, generous way to show love and support. Consider personalizing a gift for your friend that will help them through this hard time. If they’re grieving from the loss of a family member, Jewelry and Keepsakes engraved with their late Loved One’s fingerprint are beautiful gifts that offer tangible connection to the person they miss. Choose a style you think your friend will love, or get them an eGift Card that allows them to customize a piece that means the most to them.


“What are you up to this weekend?”

Looking forward to what’s coming next can help your friend to find new things they’re excited about experiencing. Talk about their favorite team’s basketball game that’s happening on Saturday or a new book you think they’d like. Put in the effort and come up with fun things the two of you can do together that may help add some positivity to their days.


“This reminded me of you.”

Whether a funny meme you saw online or an article you read in the newspaper, share something happy with your friend when you come across it. This lets your friend know that they are being thought of, which is always nice and a great way to help them feel better.


“Do you need help with anything?”

Before you start to volunteer too many different ideas for ways to help your friend, give them the opportunity to ask for something specific. Let them decide what they feel like they can handle on their own and what they may like a helping hand with. By letting them take the lead on what they’d like you to do for them, you’ll help them to feel respected and listened to.


Actions Speak Even Louder Than Words

While it’s nice to tell someone you’re thinking of them, it’s even kinder to show your support through your actions. For example, if you offer to help them with something, make sure you follow through and complete the task.


When your gestures reflect the words you’re saying, you’ll help your friend know that they are supported, loved, and cared for.


Thank you for all you do for your friends and family. Your kindness truly makes a difference.