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A Guide to the Differences in 14k Gold Colors


One of the most popular types of precious metals is 14k Gold. A classic choice for both Jewelry and other Keepsakes, Gold provides a timeless look. 14k Gold is most commonly known for its classic shade of yellow, however, there are three Gold color options.


14k Yellow Gold

14k Yellow Gold is a combination of pure Gold and alloy metals including Silver, Zinc, and Copper. The most hypoallergenic color, Yellow Gold is more malleable than other shades of Gold, making it easier for jewelers to shape. It is also the most historically popular shade of Gold.


14k White Gold

White Gold gives the same bright look as Platinum and is a common, more durable alternative to traditional Yellow Gold. 14k White Gold combines pure Gold and other white metals such as Silver, Nickel, and Palladium to create its signature shine.


14k Rose Gold

Known for its soft pink shade, Rose Gold is growing in popularity. 14k Rose Gold is a combination of pure Gold and Copper alloy. The presence of Copper makes Rose Gold stronger than other 14k Gold colors.


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