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Comfort Within Reach: Rings with Fingerprints


The Jewelry you wear is about more than just style—it’s about telling the story of who you are, and sometimes, the bond you share with the people you love.


Jewelry, like Rings engraved with fingerprints, can even connect you with family and friends who have died. Feel the lines and grooves of their fingerprint pattern engraved on the Ring, and find comfort in knowing that your Loved One’s memory is forever within reach.


Recently, families have shared touching stories with us about how their own Rings with fingerprints have helped them hold their Loved Ones close once again.


Fingerprint Ring Reviews from Families

“Very happy with my Ring. It’s beautiful and the perfect Keepsake for me to remember my fiancé.”

  • Reanna M.


“My experience with Legacy Touch was wonderful. Very soon after my father passed, I decided to order the Ring engraved with his fingerprint. It was delivered in about a week and a half, which was quicker than the original 2 weeks they stated. I was overjoyed when I opened the box. It is absolutely beautiful and a loving reminder that my dad is always with me.”

  • Cindy Z.


“I love this Ring. Fits perfectly. It is a treasure to be worn for the rest of my life. Thanks so much.”

  • Jane


“Love this Ring. Wear it [every day] in honor of my son.”

  • Kim D.


“I absolutely love my Ring. I can feel my husband’s fingerprint any time I want. Even though I would rather have [him] here with me, I can at least feel a piece of him all because of your thoughtful product. Thank you.”

  • Sonia B.


“My Ring is a perfect tribute and I feel that James is with me.”

  • Jennifer P.


“A way to always keep my dad near. I’m very happy with my Ring.”

  • Amanda S.



“I truly love this Ring. My son died, and I ordered this Ring to wear to have a part of him with me always…I love it and will never take it off. Although I am sorry that he died, I am happy to have this Ring.”

  • Teresa B.


Comfort When You Need it the Most

Having a tangible reminder of your Loved One at your fingertips can help you find peace during your grief journey. While a Fingerprint Ring will never replace your Loved One, it can serve as a touchpoint of comfort any time you need it.


May you always feel that comfort of having your Loved One with you, today and always.