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Do Funeral Homes Take Fingerprints?


After a Loved One dies, you will probably have a lot of questions. For example, you may wonder if you can get a copy of your late Loved One’s fingerprints.


Luckily, finding their prints can be simple with the assistance of your funeral home provider.


Do Funeral Homes Take Fingerprints of the Deceased?

Most funeral homes do take fingerprints of the deceased. In fact, capturing fingerprints, handprints, footprints, and even paw prints is likely already a part of their standard practices.


Many funeral homes capture and keep fingerprints on file for a few purposes: identification, recordkeeping, and even creating memorial Keepsakes for families.


If a funeral home is currently caring for your Loved One, you can call them and ask that they make sure to take fingerprints for you. This can usually be done any time up until the funeral. The funeral home should then be able to provide you with either a physical or digital copy to keep.


Why You May Need the Fingerprints of a Late Loved One

The most popular reason why you may need the fingerprints of your Loved One is if you would like memorial Fingerprint Keepsakes.


Engraved with the unique lines and grooves of the print, these heirlooms provide a tangible connection to a late parent, spouse, sibling, child, or friend.


At Legacy Touch, our mission is to help families honor the love they share through custom Fingerprint Keepsakes. We handcraft each memorial to be as unique as the person it represents, and hope that you can find comfort and healing every time you run your finger along your Loved One’s print on the piece.


Learn more about how to personalize your own Fingerprint Jewelry and Keepsakes.


How to Get Fingerprints Taken by a Funeral Home

You can get fingerprints of your Loved One taken by a funeral home by reaching out to them directly. Even if your Loved One passed away years ago, they may still have the prints in their records for you.


If you have recently lost a Loved One, please accept our condolences. It is our hope you can continue to feel connected to them each and every day.


You can learn more about fingerprints and the stories behind personalized Jewelry by visiting our blog.