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Experience Comfort After Loss with Memorial Fingerprint Rings


Many of us hold the hands of our closest Loved Ones from our very first days of being an infant all the way up until we say goodbye to them in their elderly years.


Holding the hand of our parent, grandparent, or even sibling can help us feel safe and loved. After they’re no longer there, we grieve that sense of closeness and comfort and must find new ways to hold our late Loved Ones near.


Thankfully, we can feel a tangible connection to them once again through a personalized Ring engraved with their fingerprint.


Reviews from Families Who Have Found Comfort Through Fingerprint Rings

Recently, families have shared with us how they have continued to feel close to a late Loved One by wearing a Fingerprint Ring.


“As this was for my husband, he was greatly appreciative of the Ring with his mother's fingerprint. It was an honorable way of remembering her.”

  • Jewell P.


“My Ring is very precious to me. It arrived faster than expected. I love how the prints have a look of tree [bark] or leaves.…It feels like a true family heirloom.”

  • Colleen


“I'm so grateful to have purchased my Ring, I really feel closer to my Mama having it with me.”

  • Sandra P.


“My son loved his grandfather (Papa J) and was inconsolable when he passed. When I saw the Ring offered by Legacy Touch, I had a feeling it would help bring him some comfort. Thankfully, it was. My son chose the band he wanted and has a physical connection to our sweet Papa J. He still cries at times, but having the Ring with Papa J's fingerprints on it has brought him some peace as he settles into our new reality.”

  • Jennifer P.


“I absolutely love this Ring! Wearing it daily and keeping my Loved One with me always is a true gift!!”

  • Lisa R.


“I love this Ring and that it has my father’s fingerprints helps me feel close to him now that he has passed on.”

  • Joshua M.


“It is so beautiful. My grandson is [graduating] from high school. He didn't want a class ring. He is so lost for words because we lost my husband, his Paw Paw, so for graduation I got him the Fingerprint Ring. He loves it. Thank you.”

  • Sherry D.


“Very comfortable, beautiful…My daddy will be always holding my hand. Thank you so much.”

  • Stephanie C.


Comfort Forever at Your Fingertips

There’s nothing more comforting than holding your Loved One’s hand. It is our hope that you can feel that sense of peace once again, knowing that their memory is always within reach.