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Find Peace After the Loss of a Loved One


If you have lost a Loved One, please accept our sincerest sympathies. The passing of someone you care about is never easy, and the grieving journey can take many forms. It is our hope that you are on your way to healing and can find some peace with our advice below.


Memorialize Your Loved One

Creating a memorial that honors your Loved One is a beautiful way to pay tribute to their life. Memorials can help many find peace and closure, and can be done in a number of different ways. For example, families often choose to perform acts of service or give charitable donations in their Loved One’s name, build a community park bench dedicated to their legacy, or even personalize Keepsakes like Fingerprint Jewelry that can help hold their Loved One’s spirit near.


Share Stories with Family and Friends

Surrounding yourself with others who cared for your Loved One will help you feel closer to them and their memory. Participating in this sharing of beloved stories and emotions can also be incredibly helpful as you begin to navigate your personal grief. Together with family and friends, you will know that you are not alone. If you need to, consider reaching out to a trusted therapist for additional support.


Look to the Future

As you begin to get back into your daily routine after loss, look to the future while finding ways to keep your Loved One in your heart. This is important to do as time goes on and as you continue on your path to healing. Keeping a photo of your Loved One near during holiday gatherings or walking through their favorite park on an autumn day are both meaningful ways to experience the peace of knowing they are never far away.


Give Yourself Grace

Healing takes time. Allow yourself to feel your emotions as they come and give yourself the space to process them. Be sure to practice self-care with plenty of opportunity for rest. Setting aside time to do things that bring you joy each day will also help you along your journey to peace.


We hope that you feel connected to your Loved One each and every day, and can find comfort in knowing that they are always near.