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Hear from Families: How Memorial Teddy Bears Offer Comfort to People of All Ages


Grief can impact people of all ages. After all, no matter how old you are, losing someone you love is hard.


Thankfully, there are ways that all who are grieving can find comfort and begin to heal—like with a Memorial Teddy Bear that wears a Necklace engraved with your late Loved One’s fingerprint.


Why Teddy Bears Make Meaningful Memorials

Memorial Teddy Bears are the perfect way for grieving family members and friends to hold close the people they miss the most.


Kids can give the Bear a hug and find comfort whenever they’re missing a grandparent, pet, or other relative, while adults can display the Bear in a place of significance in their home as a forever reminder of shared love.


Five-Star Reviews for Memorial Teddy Bears

Recently, families have shared with us how their Memorial Teddy Bear has helped them feel close to someone they miss. Hear what they had to say:


“I am so excited to surprise my daughter for Christmas. This is a gift for her baby due in April. It is so important my grandchild has memories and knows about their grandfather and this Teddy Bear with the fingerprint is just the perfect sentiment.”

  • Lynette P.


“Though we cannot hug my aunt, we can still hug this Bear and see her thumbprint. I can’t wait to surprise my mom with this gift!”

  • Tiffany S.


“My daughter lost her Papa and loves Teddy Bears. She sleeps with her ‘Papa’ near her every night!”

  • Margaret T.


“I gifted this to my grandmother with my grandpa’s fingerprint. She loved it! The Bear is a good size and the quality is nice!”

  • Elizabeth L.


“Was really pleased with the quality [of] the engraving on the Pendant. My grandchildren love them too! Thank you so much for doing such a special gift to remember our Loved One.”

  • Sandra H.


“I got one for myself and one for my son's fiancée. They are soft and a great size. It sits on my nightstand and has brought me comfort many times since our son's passing.”

  • Dawn R.


It is our sincerest hope that you can find this same comfort and connection through your own personalized Teddy Bear. Please know that we’re thinking of you and wishing you well on your healing journey.