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How Fingerprint Dog Tag Necklaces Help Families Remember a Loved One


Honoring a Loved One’s legacy can take many forms. From celebration of life services to annual family gatherings that remember a late Loved One, these recognitions can be as unique as the person they are meant for. One way many people choose to memorialize someone they love is by wearing a Dog Tag engraved with their Loved One’s fingerprint.


The perfect gift for military families and veterans, our Military Dog Tag Necklace for men and women offers a tangible connection to someone who is missed. Recently, families have shared with us how their Fingerprint Dog Tags have helped them remember and memorialize the people they love.


Personalized Dog Tag Reviews


“This was just perfect. My son was overwhelmed when he received this with his father’s fingerprint. Thank you so very much.”

  • Norma W.


“I ordered this for my step-daughter after my husband's passing. My funeral director told me about it, and I was so happy to send this as a gift to her. The fingerprints are embossed, so you get to "touch" it. I was amazed how quickly the order was placed and delivered. She loved it and it will be a cherished piece of her dad that will bring her comfort going forward.”

  • Marcella B.


“I carry it in my pocket and when I’m anxious or thinking about my baby sister I rub my thumb on her print and it comforts me.”

  • Estella M.


“I ordered this for my younger brother after our baby brother passed away. It has his actual thumbprint on it along with the dates and his name. My brother wears it all the time and it makes him feel like our little brother is with him always and is close to his heart. My brother loves it! I highly recommend this very personal gift to everyone.”

  • Yvonne S.


“It is very special for my father to have a piece of his granddaughter close to him.”

  • Lelah R.


“I have this hanging from my rear view mirror in my car so that he is with me whenever I'm driving down the road.”

  • Lori


“My son loves it! When he shows it to people he smiles again because he knows his dad is with him.”

  • Rosa B.


“This is everything I had hoped it would be and more to remember my beloved wife. She is literally touching my heart always now.”

  • Kevin


If you have recently lost someone you love, please accept our sympathy. We hope that you can find peace by remembering their legacy and the bond you shared.