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How Pet Memorials Can Help You Heal After the Loss of Your Cat or Dog


Our pets mean the world to us.


They’re the ones who wake us with gentle purrs early in the morning, and the first to welcome us home with wagging tails at night. When they pass, they can leave a hole in our daily lives—and our hearts.


Healing from the loss of a beloved companion animal is hard and will take time, however, you can find comfort as you grieve by creating a memorial for your pet.


What is a Pet Memorial?

A pet memorial is a type of Keepsake that honors your pet’s life, celebrates the time you shared, and reminds you of the memories you hold dear.


It can be a small memento that you carry with you each day, or a bigger item that you display in a prominent place in your home. Pet memorials can also be personalized to remind you of your unique pet. For example, they can be engraved with your pet’s paw print, name, gotcha date, and more.


How a Pet Memorial Offers Comfort During Grief

Pet memorials can be incredibly comforting for grieving pet parents because they give you a way to hold your late cat, dog, or other companion animal close again. They help you to feel your pet with you both physically and spiritually.


As you touch the memorial, you’ll be reminded that your pet is still a part of your life and that the memories you created together can now live on through you.


Memorials can also give pet parents the opportunity to begin their healing journey, as they serve as a way to find closure and say goodbye to your best buddy.


Ideas for a Pet Memorial

Your pet had their own unique personality, so their memorial should be just as special. Discover four of our favorite types of personalized pet memorials:


Paw Print Jewelry

paw print necklace

Keep your pet furever near your heart with Jewelry engraved with their unique paw print. From Necklaces to Charm Bracelets, to Rings, and more, Paw Print Jewelry is a beautiful way to pay tribute to your late pet. Each day as you wear the Jewelry, you’ll have your pet with you.


Personalized Teddy Bear

pet memorial teddy bear

One of the hardest parts about having a pet die is no longer being able to hold and snuggle them close. That’s what makes a Teddy Bear wearing a Necklace engraved with your pet’s paw print so perfect. Whenever you miss your pet, you can hold the Bear near and feel like you’re giving them a hug once again.


Paw Print Pocket Knife

black kershaw pocket knife with paw print

For those who loved to take their dog camping or on adventures in the woods, a Pocket Knife personalized with their unique paw print is the perfect memorial. Available in Kershaw® or Bear & Son® styles, these pet memorials give you the chance to continue to bring your pup with you on all of your explorations.


Paw Print Bookmark

paw print bookmark pet memorial

Your pet will always be top of mind when you customize a Paw Print Bookmark Memorial. Have the Bookmark engraved with their print, name, special dates, and a quote that reminds you of them. This is an especially meaningful memorial for pet parents who loved to cuddle up with their cat or dog and a good book.


Your Best Buddy is Still with You

The lives of our pets are too short. That’s why it’s so important we carry their memory with us each and every day. Continue to walk the same route you would take with your dog and find joy in the memories the two of you shared. Spend an afternoon mediating in the sunshine, just like your cat used to, and remember all of the ways she made you smile.


Soon, your grief will turn into gratitude for the time you did have together.


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