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How to Get the Fingerprints of a Deceased Loved One


A person’s fingerprints are completely unique. No two people have the same fingerprint pattern—including identical twins. The one-of-a-kind nature of fingerprints is what makes them special, and that rarity is exactly why fingerprints are a wonderful way to help us stay connected to the people we love.


Even after a family member dies, we can see a copy of their fingerprint pattern and feel a lasting connection to them. Every line and groove tells a story that can comfort us as we grieve and move forward in our healing.


If you have lost a Loved One, we hope that you are able to find their fingerprints and experience that immeasurable peace with the advice outlined below.


How to Get a Deceased Loved One’s Fingerprints

Whether your loss was recent or happened years ago, there are ways that you may be able to get a copy of your Loved One’s fingerprints. As you search for them, try these three resources: funeral homes, military records, and DMV or other government records.


Funeral Homes

Many funeral homes will take inked or digital fingerprints of the Loved Ones that they care for. You can contact them directly to see if fingerprints were collected. If so, they should be able to provide you with a copy.


Military Records

If your late family member was a veteran, their military records may include inked fingerprints from their time in service. Look through the files belonging to your Loved One to see if any fingerprints are available.


DMV or Other Government Records

Any DMV or government records belonging to your Loved One may include their fingerprints for identification. Browse through the paperwork that you have in your possession to see if they contain the prints.


Why You May Need Their Fingerprints

Other than for sentiment, there are a few reasons as to why you could need your deceased Loved One’s fingerprints. Some of the most popular include memorial Fingerprint Keepsakes and family recordkeeping.


Memorial Keepsakes

Many grieving families choose to honor their Loved One with memorial Jewelry and Keepsakes engraved with their fingerprint. These remembrance Keepsakes offer a sense of tangible closeness and comfort that can be felt each day. Families are able to run their fingers along their engraved Pendants, Rings, Ornaments, and other heirloom items and know that their Loved One is still with them.


Family Recordkeeping

In most families, members take the initiative to keep detailed records of those they love for future generations to see and learn from. Fingerprints can be a great addition to these files as they create a special connection unlike any other. When relatives see the fingerprint of their ancestor, they are able to better recognize the individual as a unique human through that intimate pattern. This recognition will create lasting family pride that continues to connect members for the years to come.


Losing a member of your family is never easy. We hope that you are on your way to healing and can find peace in keeping their memory near. May you always feel that unmatched, tangible connection to the people you love.