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How to Support a Grieving Friend Who Lives Far Away


It can be easy to feel like there’s nothing you can do when you hear that a friend who lives far away has lost a Loved One. However, with a little creativity and commitment, there are ways that you can help support them as they grieve.


6 Long-Distance Ideas for Showing Sympathy


Call them.

Calling your friend to say you’re sorry for their loss is a thoughtful way to let them know you care. The call can be over the phone or even face-to-face via video for a more personal conversation. Start by giving your sympathy then stay on the line and listen for as long as your friend needs to talk.


Ask if there’s anything they need.

Offering to help out your friend as they face the days immediately following a loss can be a great way to support them. You can still be a big help even if you live hundreds of miles away. For example, you can organize a meal train calendar online where nearby family and friends can sign up to deliver food to the person who is grieving.


Send them a gift.

Sympathy gifts can be a beautiful gesture to give to a grieving friend. Certain gifts, like Jewelry engraved with their Loved One’s fingerprint, can help comfort them in their time of need and for the years to come.


Visit them.

If possible, plan a trip to see your friend. If you can’t make it in time for the funeral services, consider visiting them a few weeks later once they’ve had some time to begin healing. Always reach out to your friend before booking the trip so that they can be prepared and so that you can know if they’re ready for company yet.


Write them a letter.

A letter from you can help your friend to have a nice distraction from the grief they’re going through. Write to them about a favorite memory the two of you shared or something you’re both looking forward to in the future. Also think about sending along pictures, old ticket stubs, or other fun things that will help to bring a smile to their face.


Check in on them.

A lot of people will be reaching out to the person who is grieving in the days right after the loss, however, a true friend is someone who continues to check in during the weeks, months, and years that follow. Find the time to say hi or send a link to an article you think they’ll like. Continue to connect with them and be there for them through every part of their grief journey.


You don’t have to live right next door to be a supportive friend to someone who is grieving. Even a small gesture like sending a thoughtful text message can help brighten their day and let them know they’re not alone.


Thank you for being there for your friend. Even from a distance, your kindness makes a difference.


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