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Personalized Urn Jewelry that Connects Families


When you have a close family member die, one of the things you miss the most is being able to hold them close. Even though all of the memories you shared are still with you, it just isn’t the same when you can’t physically feel them near.


Thankfully, there are ways to experience this tangible connection again with Urn Jewelry.


Engraved with your Loved One’s unique fingerprint pattern, our Urn Necklaces hold a small portion of cremated remains so that you can always have your Loved One with you. Plus, you can personalize the memorial with an inscription and a Birthstone Closure featuring a Swarovski® Crystal to add even further meaning.


Recently, families have shared with us how they have felt close to their Loved Ones once again with a Heart Urn Pendant.


“I have one already and bought one for my step mom because she always says how much she loves mine.”

  • Tracy B.


“My son passed suddenly and every time I want to hold his hand I just grab my Pendant and touch his print.”

  • Emerald K.


“I love my Pendant. It is the perfect size…Mom will always be with me.”

  • Sherry M.


“I purchased this Pendant for a family member that recently lost her young husband. [I hope] it will bring her the comfort I got from the purchase of mine last year when I lost my husband of 42 years. It is a beautiful piece that memorializes a [Loved One] & keeps them close to your heart.”

  • Kathy H.


“I was devastated by the sudden loss of my younger brother. The funeral home gave me the [Legacy Touch] pamphlet to check out. I'll be forever grateful that they did. I got the Heart Urn Pendant and felt such comfort after I received it.”

  • Pamela B.


“It is beautiful! I run my finger over his print and press it close to my heart. I know he is with me. Adds a tiny bit of comfort.”

  • Vanessa W.


It is our hope that you can continue to feel your Loved One with you each and every day. Please accept our sincerest sympathies for your loss.