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Staying Connected to a Deployed Loved One


Our heroes are the men and women who serve our country. Their commitment and bravery are a gift we can never repay. 

It takes an incredible act of selflessness to join the military, both from the hero themselves and their family. While protecting the country, military personnel and their families are often separated for long periods of time. This distance can be difficult for the individual serving, as well as their family back home.

If your Loved One is a deployed member of the armed forces, we hope you can find some comfort and connection with these resources.


Communication Plans

The level of communication you will be able to have with our Loved One will vary depending on their specific deployment. If you are able to, set up a plan for how you will stay in touch while they are serving. Video calls, telephone calls, and emails are available for many soldiers, but if those are not an option, look into handwritten letters. You can even prewrite and bundle a few letters together at a time to be opened and read on certain dates like birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays.


Military Gifts

Having a tangible Keepsake that reminds you of your Loved One can help you hold their presence close, no matter how far away they are. A Sterling Silver Dog Tag personalized with their fingerprint can help you keep them close to your heart. You can also give military gifts to others who wish to stay connected, like a Keepsake Teddy Bear for a soldier’s child, or even a Military Dog Tag personalized with your fingerprint for the soldier themself.


Family Traditions

Just because a Loved One is deployed doesn’t mean they can’t still be a part of family traditions and celebrations. Throughout the deployment, include them at special gatherings in creative ways. Set up your laptop and a video call with them, if you are able, and position it at their seat at the family table during a holiday meal. If your family has regular game nights, send your Loved One a care package of playing cards.


Staying connected with your Loved One during their deployment can bring both of you comfort and peace. It is our hope that these resources will help you and your soldier feel close. Please know how grateful we are for your sacrifice.