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Tell Your Loved One’s Story – Personalized Fingerprint Bookmark


Each of our Loved Ones has a unique story. One full of love, family, and connection. Even after they pass, that story continues to live on through the memories we have and hold dear.


Recently, families have shared with us how they find comfort in keeping their Loved One’s story close through our Fingerprint Bookmark.


“This was for my mother after my father passed away. She loves it and uses it for daily reading.”

  • Margaret T.


“Beautifully detailed. A Keepsake that will be treasured throughout the years.”

  • Ronnie L.


“The product is classy and exceeded my expectations. Very hard times losing a Loved One, and to receive this so fast was comforting.”

  • Kim S.


“I bought it for my mother, she adores it.”

  • Elizabeth F.


“The Bookmark was just as I had imagined it would be and it’s a great way to remember my Loved One.”

  • Hannah B.


“Our grandchildren will cherish this gift.”

  • Doug P.


“The Bookmark was a lovely way to remember our mother and grandmother.”

  • Denise A.


“Done perfectly and a token of my love forever. This will stay in my Bible on his favorite verse.”

  • Cathie M.


“This was for Great Granddaughter. Her and Great Grandpa would love to read.”

  • Yvonne B.


“My siblings and nieces were so moved by the gift & it means so much to them.”

  • Teresa H.



Thank you for sharing your memories and experience with us.


If you have recently lost a Loved One, please accept our deepest sympathies. It is our truest hope that you can find comfort in your Loved One’s story while knowing that they are still with you each day.