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The Meaning Behind Fingerprint Rings


Imagine being able to feel your Loved One with you wherever you go.


Fingerprint Rings can help you experience that precious connection to a Loved One who has passed away. Each Ring is engraved with their unique fingerprint, providing a sense of peace when you need it most. Touch the lines and grooves of the print and know that your family member or friend is forever by your side.


Recently, families have shared with us how their memorial Rings have helped them feel close to their Loved Ones, and the immense meaning the Jewelry provides.


“Very comfortable, beautiful…My daddy will be always holding my hand. Thank you so much.”

  • Stephanie C.


“Fingerprint of my husband…is beautiful and I love it. I wear it with my wedding ring. I love knowing that part of him is still with me every day.”

  • Rita H.


“As a cherished gift, I purchased my father's fingerprint preserved in the form of a beautiful Silver Ring. The person who received the Ring loved it and said ‘It is like we are holding hands and it gives me strength to keep going.’


This was exactly what I hoped the gift would provide and it has.”

  • Chris


“My mother recently passed away unexpectedly…she was my best friend. When the funeral home sent me the pamphlet for the Fingerprint Rings, I knew I had to order one. I was able to get Rose Gold to match her hair (we are both redheads) and an inscription inside with her initials. I wrote a short lyric from one of her favorite singers…The Ring is absolutely beautiful…You can also feel the indents of the fingerprint if you rub the Ring… Thank you Legacy Touch for this beautiful reminder of my mother that I can always keep on me.”

  • Elaine C.


“Purchased this Ring for my son after my mom passed away. An only grandchild, his Nana meant the world to him and now he is able to keep a part of her with him at all times.”

  • Beverly D.


“This is my brother's fingerprint on my Ring…I love every single thing about it, I so love and miss my brother so I wear it every day like I'm holding his hand.”

  • Teresa W.


“I really love this Ring it keeps my wife close to me.”

  • Rick M.


“Thank you so much for my Ring. It seems to bring me comfort and calmness when I'm wearing it. It’s like my husband is holding my hand and telling me ‘you've got this’.”

  • Patty M.


Thank you for sharing your stories with us. If you have lost a Loved One, please accept our truest sympathies. We hope that you feel close to their memory each day, and know that the bond you share endures.