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The Meaning Behind Symbolic Jewelry Charms


The Jewelry we wear is incredibly meaningful and helps us to express who we are. One way people choose to tell their story through Jewelry is with Symbolic Charms.


For centuries, people have worn Symbolic Jewelry Charms to show off their personal style, mark a significant life milestone, or connect them with someone they love.


Keep reading to learn more about these Charms and what they can represent.


What Are Symbolic Jewelry Charms?

Symbolic Jewelry Charms are accessories that you can add to your Jewelry to make it even more meaningful. They come in a variety of different styles, all of which represent a different character trait, life experience, or personality.


These meaningful Charms add an extra layer of personalization to whatever Jewelry they’re paired with. For example, you can add Symbolic Charms on your favorite Necklace or Bracelet, or you can wear them on a Chain by themselves. These Charms allow you to express your creativity and style in a beautiful, unique way.


Symbolic Jewelry Charms are most often worn on Jewelry to represent a bond shared between you and a Loved One. You could wear a Symbolic Heart Charm to remind you of your significant other or a Symbolic Angel Wing Charm to remind you of someone you love who has passed.


With available Symbolic Charm styles in Sterling Silver or Gold, the options for customizing your Jewelry and the message it shares are truly limitless.


What Do Symbolic Jewelry Charms Mean?

Symbolic Jewelry Charms can mean different things to different people—that’s what makes them so special. However, some of the most-popular Symbolic Charm styles are thought to represent specific character traits or ideas.


What Each Symbolic Jewelry Charm Represents



Cross Symbolic Charms are special to many people, especially those whose religious beliefs are important to them. People wear Cross Charms to help them feel closer to their faith and share that identity with others. These Charms can also represent a Loved One who is religious.



The universal symbol of love, Heart Symbolic Charms are worn to celebrate the love between people. Hearts can connect someone to their significant other, children, parents, friends, and pets. Heart Charms can also be a great gift to give to someone you care for, representing the love you want to give to them.



Traditionally, Doves are thought to represent peace. Many people will wear Dove Jewelry Charms for this reason. A Dove Charm can also symbolize love and freedom. It’s up to the wearer to decided which interpretation means the most to them.



Thought to be an Angel Wing, Wing Symbolic Charms most often represent heaven or a Loved One who has died. These Charms can be a beautiful addition to Memorial Jewelry, as they’re a reminder of a life that is missed and the memories you shared while you were together.



Infinity Jewelry Charms represent an unending bond between people. This can be between spouses, families, or even best friends. The infinity symbol can also represent eternity, making it another thoughtful option for memorializing a Loved One.



Ribbons have become synonymous with raising awareness for different causes. A Ribbon Symbolic Charm can help wearers to show their support in a beautiful, elegant way. Whether you’re facing a hardship yourself or want to show your solidarity with others, Ribbon Charms for Jewelry are a wonderful addition to your piece.


Tell Your Story with Personalized Jewelry

There’s immense meaning to be found in Symbolic Jewelry. Choose your Charms and tell the story of who you are and the people you love. When you do, you’ll find new ways to express yourself while connecting with others.