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Unique Gifts that Connect Families


The special bond you share with your family is incredibly beautiful and meaningful. It is our mission to help you experience that heartfelt connection each and every day with Jewelry and Keepsakes personalized with the finger, hand, foot, or paw print of your dearest family members.


One way that families stay connected with each other is through custom engraved Pendants. Each Pendant is carefully crafted to showcase every line and groove that makes your Loved One’s print special, giving you the unique experience of feeling their touch near your heart.


A number of people have recently reached out to share with us just how much their personalized Pendant means to them:


“This Keepsake is beautiful…It is comforting to have a part of my Dad with me all the time.”

- Dorothy K.


“I love this product. I always have my nana with me!”

- Heather S.


“This silver heart Pendant is beautiful. And priceless. I feel my daughter is with me every minute of the day.”

- Sue W.


We are honored to be a part of helping you feel the love of your family. That is why our artists and jewelers take such care to handcraft each personalized piece, creating a source of connection that you can treasure forever.


We are immensely grateful that we get to be a part of celebrating your family’s bond. Thank you for sharing what your personalized Jewelry and Keepsakes mean to you.