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Why Do People Put Their Fingerprint on a Casket?


When people pay their respects to lost Loved Ones at visitations or funeral services, many choose to place a gentle hand on the casket. As they do this, some will intentionally leave a fingerprint behind. This is a common act performed by family and close friends, and although small, carries significant meaning.


What Your Fingerprint Means

When your fingerprint is left on a casket, it represents the deceased taking your love along with them to their afterlife. Just as we keep mementoes and memorials of those we have lost, this is a special way for your Loved One to have a reminder of you forever with them.


How to Leave a Fingerprint on a Casket

As you say your final goodbyes, gently press your finger against the casket. Most are finished with a shiny polish so that when you lift your hand, a fingerprint will be left behind. It is up to you whether you share with others that you will be doing this at the service and ask them to join, or if you choose to do it privately on your own.


Continuing to Keep Your Loved One Close

Many people who place a fingerprint on the casket of a lost family member or friend will also continue to leave their fingerprint on the gravestone every time they visit. Some will choose to wear their Loved One’s fingerprint on a piece of Jewelry or displayed on a meaningful Keepsake at home, as well. These memorials are a tangible way to feel close to your Loved One, and a reminder of the love that continues to connect you.


If you have lost someone special, please accept our sympathy. We hope that you feel connected to them and the love you shared today and always.