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Half-Round Rings

Experience the fingertip-feel of a Loved One's touch with the rounded contour of these richly engraved Sterling Silver or 14k Gold Half-Round bands.

Engraved with a custom inscription as well as your Loved One’s unique fingerprint, Half-Round Rings reflect the textures and patterns that make their print unique, allowing you to feel their touch always. Offering an unmatched sense of connection these personalized Rings honor the one-of-a-kind love you share.

Fingerprint Jewelry, including custom Half-Round Fingerprint Rings, can be given as gifts for all of life’s events. From baptisms to graduations to birthdays and more, engraved Rings help commemorate the love surrounding special occasions. Fingerprint Rings can also be given or worn as memorial Jewelry, remembering the life of someone who has passed.