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Sterling Silver Symbolic Charm For Bracelet

Sterling Silver Symbolic Charm For Bracelet

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Add unparalleled personalization to your custom Jewelry or Keepsakes with Sterling Silver Symbolic Charms. Choose from Heart, Ichthus, Cross, Wing, Infinity, and Dove designs to tell your Loved One’s unique story.


  • Finest quality Sterling Silver
  • Rhodium plated (see below for more details)
  • Easily slides onto any of our chains

Please Note: Symbolic Charms must be welded onto a Charm Bracelet by an experienced jeweler 

Rhodium Plating 

Rhodium is the finish of choice for top end fine Jewelry. It is highly reflective and has a gorgeous deep luster. Without the rhodium coating, Sterling Silver Jewelry tarnishes rather quickly due to the copper content found in Sterling Silver. Since Silver is a soft and malleable metal, rhodium plating works wonders by making it stronger and more scratch resistant.

Please note that rhodium plating will eventually wear away over time with use. Your local jeweler can easily re-plate your Silver Jewelry, restoring it to its original shine.