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Taking Ink Prints & Uploading Pictures

Taking Ink Prints & Uploading Pictures

Our Fingerprint Keepsakes are created from a single, unique fingerprint – but before we can begin handcrafting your personalized piece, you will need to capture and upload your prints. If you do not already have fingerprints that you can upload, simply request a free Fingerprint Ink Kit from us. We will then mail you the Kit so that you can get started capturing the fingerprints you would like on your one-of-a-kind Keepsake. 


The Legacy Touch Fingerprint Ink Kit consists of:
• 2 Ink Strips
• 2 Fingerprint Cards

Note:  Two of each item are included so that you can either use one to practice with or you can capture prints of two different people.  Please make sure that each card is only used for one person's fingerprints.


How to Take Ink Prints

Personalized Keepsakes are just a few steps away. Follow the steps below to make sure you get the best possible results. If you already have fingerprints from another source (work, military, etc.), just skip to Step 4.  


Prepare Ink Strip

Your Fingerprint Ink Kit includes two ink strips making it quick and easy to capture fingerprints. Simply peel the ink strip apart to expose the inked surfaces within and you’re ready to get started.


Place Finger on Ink

Next, press the desired finger you would like to capture the fingerprint of onto the ink strip.  Each time you ink a finger, use a different section of the ink strip.


Press Finger on Card

Press your inked finger firmly into one of the boxes on the provided fingerprint card. Pressing too hard will smudge the print, while not enough pressure will make the lines hard to see.  Compare your prints with the examples below.  Repeat with either the same finger, or with other fingers, capturing three to four good prints.  Don't worry if they aren't all perfect!  Our professional artists will choose the best one to use for your Fingerprint Keepsakes.

Photographing & Uploading Ink Prints
Now that you have your fingerprints on paper, it's time to convert them into a digital image.  There are several ways to do this, but for most people, the easiest is simply to use the built-in camera on your smartphone.  Just follow the tips and tricks below to make sure you capture the best possible image.


Position the camera correctly

Place the fingerprint card on a hard, flat surface that is well lit.  Hold the camera flat so there is no angle to the print image. Use the brackets that are printed on the card to fill the entire viewfinder with the completed fingerprints.  If you are capturing prints from another source (work, military records, etc.), try to get close enough to fill the viewfinder with two to four prints.  Review the photo you have taken and make sure the prints are in focus.


Upload Prints

Once you have the digital image of your fingerprints ready, you can upload them here.

After your prints have been uploaded, you will receive a PIN (Personal Identification Number) that is assigned to that particular set of prints and can be used immediately for ordering Keepsakes.  A copy of the PIN will also be emailed to you for your records.