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10 Ideas for How to Feel Better After Losing a Loved One


Between dealing with the practical arrangements of funerals to facing the emotions that come from a Loved One no longer being around, losing a family member or friend can be difficult.


Thankfully, there are things you can do that may help.


Whether in the immediate days following a loss or a year after your Loved One has passed, these ten ideas can help you to feel better as you grieve.


Acknowledge the Loss

The first step for many in the grieving process is finding a way to say goodbye to your Loved One. This can be done through a celebration of life service or even a private moment of your own. Acknowledging that they are gone can allow you to start to get the closure you need in order to heal.


Let Yourself Experience All of Your Emotions

Grief can cause many different emotions. Let yourself fully experience them as they come up. Giving yourself permission to be emotional in this way should help you find relief and feel better.


Stay Connected with Family and Friends

It can help immensely to talk to people who understand what you’re going through. Consider starting a group chat with family and friends that can act as a place for everyone to check in with one another or reach out if they’re struggling.


Talk to a Professional Grief Counselor

Another great way to feel better is to meet with a grief counselor. Trained specifically in navigating loss, these professionals can give you helpful tools for coping with losing your Loved One.


Ease Back into a Routine

Sometimes, a routine can help take your mind off of grief for a little while. Having a set time that you wash the dishes or call a friend can add the comfort of structure back into your day. But don’t push yourself to do too much too quickly. Instead, pick a few things to start with, then add more as you feel up to it.


Do Something Active

For many people, movement is therapeutic. Consider going for a walk around your neighborhood or taking a dance class. Exercise may help boost your mood and give you the energy you need to continue your healing journey.


Keep Your Loved One Near

Having a tangible reminder of your Loved One can help you to experience the comfort of holding their spirit near. One way to do this is by wearing memorial Jewelry engraved with your Loved One’s fingerprint. Touch the pattern of their print on the piece, and know that they are with you.


Take Care of Your Mental Health

You need to be taking care of yourself, especially in the days after loss. Be sure to allow for plenty of time for your favorite form of self-care and consider trying a new activity like meditating to help you feel better.


Watch a Favorite Show

A familiar tv series or movie can help bring some much-needed joy into your day. Pick one you love and press play. The show can offer a healthy escape from grief that gives you a brief break from your loss.


Remember that Grief Takes Time to Process

Grief doesn’t have a timeline. You may not start to feel better as quickly as someone else does. Give yourself grace and remember that you’re doing your best in any given moment. This kindness toward yourself can help you to ultimately heal, no matter how long it may take.


Please accept our truest sympathy for your loss. We understand how difficult grief can be, and hope that you are on a path to healing.