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4 Ways to Observe Mother’s Day After Your Mom Has Died


Mother’s Day can be a bittersweet holiday if you have lost your mom. All of the visuals of shared love and new memories being made between mothers and their children may bring forth the grief you’re still processing, making you miss your mom even more.


While the absence of a mother figure can be amplified at this time of year, there are still reasons to celebrate all of the love she gave to you and the impact she had on your family’s life when she was with you.


Why You Should Still Celebrate Mother’s Day After Your Mom Dies

The love you have for your mom continues well after she is gone, which is why she still deserves to be celebrated on her special day.


Taking time to honor her can help you to keep her memory alive for those around you while finding precious healing for yourself. Memorializing your mother figure on Mother’s Day can also help you to still feel like a part of the holiday, which can lessen the grief you may feel when you see others celebrating their moms who are still alive.


Mother’s Day will look and feel different now that your mom is gone, and that’s okay. What matters is that you’re able to spend the day remembering the good times you shared and discovering new ways to continue to feel close to her.


4 Ideas for Remembering Mom on Mother’s Day

Get inspired planning your own Mother’s Day celebration that remembers your mom or mother figure with our list of ideas:


Plant Her Favorite Flowers

Flowers are a beautiful reminder of the love your mom planted in your life. This Mother’s Day, consider adding some new flowers to your home garden that represent her. You can plant her favorite type of flower or opt for a variety that symbolizes motherhood like tulips or gerberas. As you watch the flowers bloom, you’ll be able to feel the love of your mother with you once again.


Get Together with Your Siblings

Your siblings are the only people in the world who understand just how special your mom was. This Mother’s Day, plan to get together with your brothers and sisters for a nice meal in memory of your mom. Ask everyone to share their favorite memories and spend a few hours reminiscing over your years together. Everyone can lean on each other for support as you face this day without your shared mom.


Wear Memorial Jewelry that Reminds You of Her

One way to feel your late mom’s presence with you on Mother’s Day is by wearing Memorial Jewelry that reminds you of her. This Jewelry can be engraved with her fingerprint and a custom inscription so that it is as unique as her. As you wear the Jewelry, you’ll know that your mom is still near.


Pay it Forward to Another Mom

Your mom’s love can continue to live on through you when you choose to do a good deed for another mom you know. Send a bouquet to your best friend who is a busy mother of three. Visit your grandma for an afternoon. Donate to a charity that helps single moms and their families. Recognizing these mother figures in memory of your own mom will help you to feel closer to her while spreading joy to others.


Keep Your Mom in Your Thoughts, All Year

Remembering mom and the lifetime of love she poured into you is something you can do all year long. When you’re missing her, take a few moments to reflect on the happy memories the two of you created and how you can still feel her with you.


While the grief of losing her will never fully go away, it can start to be replaced by gratitude for the bond you shared.


Whether it’s your first Mother’s Day after your mom has died or tenth, we hope you can find a way to feel close to her today, tomorrow, and always.