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Remembrance Jewelry for the Loss of a Mother


There’s nothing more special than the bond between you and your mom. She was there for you from before you were ever born, cared for you as a child, and became your friend as an adult.


That’s why it can be so painful when she’s gone.


If you’ve recently lost your mom or mother figure, please accept our deepest sympathy. We hope that you can find ways to continue to feel close to her, including through Remembrance Jewelry that memorializes her.


Types of Mom Remembrance Jewelry

There are a number of different types of Remembrance Jewelry that can help you honor your mom, but one of the most meaningful is Fingerprint Jewelry. Engraved with every line and groove of your mom’s unique fingerprint, this personalized Jewelry helps you to tangibly feel her with you every single day.


And just like your mom, Fingerprint Jewelry is truly one-of-a-kind.


From Pendants to Rings to Charm Bracelets, and more, below are some of the most popular styles of Fingerprint Remembrance Jewelry.


Fingerprint Pendant

gold heart shaped fingerprint necklace

The perfect way to keep your mom next to your heart, Fingerprint Pendants are thoughtfully engraved with her fingerprint along with a favorite inscription. Choose from Heart, Tear Drop, and Oval shapes in Sterling Silver, Rose Gold, White Gold, or Yellow Gold to create a beautiful tribute that honors her.


Fingerprint Ring

sterling silver and gold fingerprint rings

Daughters and sons can remember their mom by wearing a Fingerprint Ring. These personalized memorials are a constant reminder that mom’s love is still within reach, whenever you need it. Make yours meaningful by choosing your favorite metal type, then writing a heartfelt inscription to have engraved on the inside of the band.


Fingerprint Charm Bracelet

sterling silver fingerprint charm bracelet with heart, swarovski birthstone, and dove charms

Your heart will always be on your sleeve when you wear a Charm Bracelet engraved with your late mom’s fingerprint. Further customize the Jewelry with Symbolic and Birthstone Charms that help tell the story of the life she had and the bond you shared.


Fingerprint Locket

sterling silver heart shaped locket with picture and engraved fingerprint on the inside with angel wing and swarovski birthstone charms

Lockets are a beautiful, personal way to keep someone you love close by holding a favorite photo together with your Loved One’s engraved fingerprint pattern. Available in Heart or Oval shapes in gorgeous Sterling Silver or Gold, a Fingerprint Locket can help express the love you have for mom, while keeping her with you.


Hold Your Mom Close, Always

Nothing can replace the love you and your mom shared, but you can feel close to her again. Holding onto something that reminds you of her—like Remembrance Jewelry—can help you to find comfort and begin to heal. Each day as you hold her memorial near, take a little time to think about all of the wonderful experiences the two of you had together.


Soon, the tears will start to turn into smiles, and you’ll find peace in knowing she is still with you.


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