Have a PIN?

A Complete Guide to Jewelry Made from Fingerprints


Have you ever seen someone wearing Fingerprint Jewelry and wanted to learn more about it?


We’re here to answer all of your questions and help you get started creating your own personalized style with this guide.


What is Fingerprint Jewelry?

Fingerprint Jewelry is a way for families to feel connected to someone they love, living or deceased. Whether a Necklace, Charm Bracelet, Ring, or other style, each piece of Fingerprint Jewelry is engraved with a person’s unique fingerprint pattern, making it truly one-of-a-kind.


Why Do People Wear Fingerprint Jewelry?

People wear Fingerprint Jewelry so that they can feel connected to a Loved One.


Many parents will wear Jewelry engraved with their children’s fingerprints as a way to always have them close, while active-duty military members will wear Fingerprint Jewelry so that they can have a little piece of home with them while they’re away.


Fingerprint Jewelry is also a meaningful way for people to memorialize family members and friends they miss, as it can help those who are grieving to feel near their late Loved One once again.


How is Fingerprint Jewelry Made?

It all starts with a single fingerprint that is then transformed into a wearable work of art by our team of artists and jewelers right here in Kansas City.


Upload Fingerprint Images

To begin, you’ll need to upload a copy of the fingerprint you would like engraved on your Jewelry. Once you do, we’ll automatically generate a PIN (Personal Identification Number) that you will enter when customizing your Jewelry. This PIN ensures that your Loved One’s prints are the ones we engrave on your piece.


Did You Know?

If you’re wanting to memorialize someone who has passed, the funeral home may have already taken prints and generated a Legacy Touch PIN for you. Reach out to them to see if they did.


Personalize Your Jewelry

Once you’ve entered the PIN, you can further personalize your Jewelry by adding on a Chain, Symbolic Charm, Birthstone Charm, or even a custom inscription.


With each customization you choose, you’ll help add even more meaning to your Jewelry while telling the story of the Loved One and the bond you share.


Select Your Production Speed

At Legacy Touch, we’re proud to offer industry-leading turnaround times on personalized Jewelry. Our Standard Production gets you most orders within one week, while our Accelerated and Express options deliver your Jewelry even faster.


In fact, if you select Express Production and order before Noon CST on business days, your Fingerprint Jewelry will be delivered the next business day. We offer this 24-hour expedited delivery option for families who need their order in time for funeral services, deployments, or simply because they can’t wait to feel unsurpassed closeness to their Loved One.


Please Note: Production times vary during the holiday season. View our shipping page for the most up-to-date information.


Different Types of Fingerprint Jewelry

There is a type of Fingerprint Jewelry perfect for any style. From Pendants to Rings to Cufflinks and more, you can choose a Jewelry type that is the most meaningful to you and that you’ll enjoy wearing every day.


Get inspired with some of our most-popular styles:


Fingerprint Pendants

sterling silver fingerprint pendants

Fingerprint Pendants are a beautiful way to keep someone you love near your heart. These Necklaces are available in Heart, Tear Drop, Oval, Vertical Bar, and Dog Tag shapes in 14k Rose, White, or Yellow Gold or Sterling Silver.


For those who wish to memorialize a life that is gone, there is the option of personalizing a Fingerprint Urn Pendant. This style of Cremation Jewelry holds a small portion of cremated remains so that you can physically carry your Loved One with you each day.


Fingerprint Charms

yellow gold fingerprint charm bracelets and necklaces

Smaller and lighter than our Pendants, Fingerprint Charms are another gorgeous style of Fingerprint Jewelry. Each Charm can be worn on either a Necklace or Bracelet and paired with Symbolic or Birthstone Charms featuring Swarovski® Crystals for added meaning.


Fingerprint Rings

sterling silver, rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold fingerprint rings

While Fingerprint Rings can’t replace having your Loved One physically with you, this Jewelry style can help you to keep their presence forever within reach. Available in Black Titanium, Stainless Steel, Sterling Silver, and Rose, White, or Yellow Gold, our Fingerprint Rings are a simple, yet elegant, option for men and women alike.


Fingerprint Lockets

sterling silver oval and heart shaped fingerprint lockets

When you open a Fingerprint Locket, you’ll find a favorite photo beside your Loved One’s unique fingerprint pattern. Plus, you can have a monogram or custom inscription written on the outside of the Jewelry, making it even more special.


Fingerprint Dog Tags

woman wearing a black aluminum ultralight dog tag with a fingerprint and inscription

A Fingerprint Dog Tag is the perfect way to honor a veteran or for active-duty military personnel to stay connected to home. Choose from Stainless Steel or Ultralight Black Aluminum styles that both feature a unique fingerprint and optional inscription. Plus, our Dog Tags can be outfitted with your favorite color of Rubber Silencer.


Fingerprint Jewelry for Him

cufflinks engraved with a fingerprint

Our Men’s Fingerprint Jewelry offers styles every man can love. From Cufflinks to Lapel Pins to Tie Tacks, these statement pieces are a wonderful addition to formalwear or everyday business attire. No matter where he goes, he’ll always be connected to the people he loves the most.


Jewelry Made from Fingerprints Simply Means More

There’s nothing more meaningful than connecting with the people you love.


We’re so thankful that families have been able to feel close to each other through the Fingerprint Jewelry we make, and that they’ve shared their heartwarming stories with us.


“Great quality, absolutely beautiful memorial Pendant for my dad. Arrived in just a few short days…I will have my dad with me forever.”

  • Wendy W.


“I never take this off and it’s as perfect as the day it arrived.”

  • Sandra C.


“Losing my husband and having to live my life without him has been the hardest time of my life. Thank you all so much for what you do. I love my Ring and I carry a piece of him forever with me. It's priceless and it leaves me speechless that you all make this possible. Thank you again!”

  • Alejandra R.


“I couldn't ask for a more beautiful way to keep a part of my son with me at all times. I love it.”

  • Carol C.


“Absolutely love this. Once I got it on I felt already so much closer to my mom…I'll probably never take it off!”

  • Adrienne W.


It is our sincerest hope that you can feel this same closeness to the people you love.


Have questions? Our team is here to help. Reach out to us and we’ll help get you started personalizing your own Fingerprint Jewelry.