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Add Meaning to Necklaces with Birthstones


Jewelry has a powerful way of connecting us with the people we love. Whether it was a gift from someone special or something we wear in their memory, personalized Jewelry is a beautiful statement piece that simply means more.


One way to add meaning to Jewelry is by customizing a Necklace with Birthstones.


How Birthstones Add Meaning to Necklaces

Birthstones can add meaning to Necklaces in a few different ways: by representing a birth month, by making the Jewelry more colorful, or by symbolizing a certain trait.


Birthstones by Month

Each month of the year is represented by a specific Birthstone. Because of this, many people will choose to wear a Birthstone that correlates with the month their Loved One was born.

list of birthstone colors by month 

The Birthstones for each month are:

  • January – Garnet
  • February – Amethyst
  • March – Aquamarine
  • April – Diamond
  • May – Emerald
  • June – Alexandrite
  • July – Ruby
  • August – Peridot
  • September – Sapphire
  • October – Tourmaline
  • November – Topaz
  • December – Zircon



Birthstone Colors by Month

Every Birthstone is also associated with a specific color. These colors can symbolize the month itself, or simply a favorite shade. In fact, a lot of people choose to add different gemstones to their Necklaces just because they love the color.


The colors of each month’s Birthstone are:

  • January – Deep Red
  • February – Purple
  • March – Light Blue
  • April – Colorless
  • May – Deep Green
  • June – Soft Blue
  • July – Vibrant Red
  • August – Light Green
  • September – Deep Blue
  • October – Pink
  • November – Yellow
  • December – Teal


Some gemstones can have different color appearances and may vary based on availability and the jeweler you are purchasing from.


What Birthstones Represent by Month

Along with being aesthetically beautiful, Birthstones all have a special story. They each represent different character traits or symbolize certain feelings someone may have. These beliefs about gemstones can help comfort those who wear them while adding immeasurable meaning to the Jewelry they’re on.


The different meanings of each month’s Birthstone are:

  • January: Garnet is believed to provide peace, loyalty, and friendship.
  • February: Amethyst is known to deliver courage.
  • March: Aquamarine is closely related to feelings of peace, tranquility, and clarity.
  • April: One of the most popular gemstones, diamonds are thought to represent happiness.
  • May: Emerald is known for symbolizing wisdom and love.
  • June: Alexandrite is believed to showcase power and passion.
  • July: Rubies are well known for their association with energy.
  • August: Peridot is thought to represent strength.
  • September: The Sapphire gemstone has been believed to symbolize Heaven, as well as faithfulness.
  • October: The pink version of tourmaline is known for being a symbol of gentleness.
  • November: Topaz is a versatile gemstone, thought to represent affection as well as intellect.
  • December: Zircon is believed to provide prosperity.


How to Customize Your Necklace with Birthstone Charms

Customizing your Necklace from Legacy Touch with Birthstone Charms is easy. One way to do this is by adding Birthstone Charms to your Fingerprint Jewelry as you create it on the product’s webpage before adding it to your cart. Toggle through the options provided to choose a Charm that is the most special to you.


Another way to add custom Birthstones to your Necklace is by purchasing them from our Accessories category. You can choose Sterling Silver or Gold Birthstones for Necklaces, then easily slide them onto the Chain of your existing Jewelry to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece.


Each Birthstone Charm from Legacy Touch features Swarovski® Crystals that help to make your Jewelry as beautiful and meaningful as possible. They are not gemstones, but they do have a color similar to the Birthstone they represent.


It is our hope that these Charms can help you feel a tangible connection to the people you love, now and always.


 Please Note: Available Birthstone Charm colors are subject to change. View the most up-to-date information as you personalize your Jewelry.