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Create Your Own Charm Bracelet


The most beautiful Jewelry is the kind that holds precious meaning for its wearer. That’s why we engrave our Jewelry with your Loved One’s unique fingerprint. No two fingerprints are the same, so no two Jewelry pieces are, either. Each tells the unique story of the person it represents.


At Legacy Touch, you can personalize your own Fingerprint Charm Bracelet that honors the bond you share with a Loved One through the shape, metal, inscription, and accessories you choose.


How to Create Your Own Charm Bracelet


Choose a Fingerprint Charm

fingerprint charm

Browse our collection of Fingerprint Charms to find a style that you love. Our personalized Charms are available in a variety of shapes including Heart, Tear Drop, Oval, and more. You can also choose a metal type and color that you would like for your Charm. Metal options include Sterling Silver or Yellow, White, or Rose Gold.


Add a Bracelet Chain

fingerprint charm on bracelet

After you’ve chosen your Charm, you’ll be asked how you plan to wear your piece. Here, you’ll want to select the “Bracelet” style option so that your Charm will be outfitted with a lobster clasp.


What is a lobster clasp?

A lobster clasp is a small closure that can easily be opened and shut. This allows for you to position the Charm where you would like it on a Bracelet Chain and provides the ability to move it in the future.


Once you’ve selected the “Bracelet” style option, you’ll get the chance to add a Bracelet Chain to your order. If you don’t already have a Bracelet that you would like to add your Fingerprint Charm to, be sure to choose the Bracelet Chain here.


Write an Inscription

charm bracelet with inscription

You can further customize your Fingerprint Charm by adding a favorite inscription. This inscription can be a name, date, quotation, or any other meaningful phrase that fits the provided character limits.


Helpful Tip: You can read our inscription examples to get inspiration for your piece.


Pick Symbolic and Birthstone Charms

fingerprint charm bracelet with symbolic and birthstone charms

Add even more meaning to your Charm Bracelet by adding on Symbolic and Birthstone Charms as you customize your piece. Our Symbolic Charms elegantly tell your Loved One’s story. Our Birthstone Charms feature Swarovski® Crystals and are a touching way to represent a birth month or simply a favorite color.


Whether worn as memorial Jewelry or given as a heartfelt gift to someone you care for, our Charm Bracelets are each individually handcrafted to be meaningful heirlooms. No two are alike, just like no two people are. It is our hope that our Charm Bracelets can help families feel close to one another each day.


If you have any questions about personalizing a Fingerprint Charm Bracelet, please contact us.