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Fingerprint Lariat Necklaces

 Yellow Gold Lariat Fingerprint Necklace

Hold your Loved One’s touch near your heart with a personalized Lariat Necklace. Our custom Necklaces feature a Disc Charm engraved with your Loved One’s unique fingerprint, showcasing every line and groove that tells their one-of-a-kind story. Available in 14k Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver, our customizable Lariat Necklaces are a beautiful way to feel connected to someone you care for dearly. Further personalize your Fingerprint Necklace with a meaningful inscription. Our Necklaces also have the option of being engraved with a handprint, footprint, or paw print in lieu of a fingerprint so that you can stay near whoever you love. Our Fingerprint Jewelry is handmade by local artists in Kansas City, MO and offers a tangible way to honor a Loved One. Each piece of memorial Jewelry brings comfort to those who wear it, and can be given as a heartfelt gift to family and close friends.