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Custom Jewelry that Connects Families


There is nothing more important than staying connected with those you love. Especially when you are memorializing someone who has passed, finding ways to feel close can provide unparalleled comfort and peace.

One way to find this connection is through custom Fingerprint Jewelry.

Personalized Engraved Fingerprints

Jewelry engraved with the fingerprint of a Loved One gives family members a tangible closeness that they can hold near, always. Families can feel the lines and grooves that make a print, such as a thumbprint, unique every time they wear their Jewelry. This helps to keep a Loved One’s presence close. Most styles of custom Jewelry also have the option of being engraved with handprints, footprints, or even paw prints to recognize every precious kind of love.

Meaningful Inscriptions

Along with a print, most custom Jewelry can be engraved with a meaningful inscription. Whether a favorite quotation, bible verse, important date, or even a cherished nickname, a thoughtful inscription brings further personalization to Jewelry, connecting families to their Loved Ones.

Birthstone Charms, Symbolic Charms, and Additional Accessories

A Loved One’s story can be told through accessories full of beauty and meaning. When paired with Fingerprint Jewelry, a Birthstone Charm, Symbolic Charm, or other accessory can add new layers of closeness for families. Simply choose the finishing touches that best represent the love you share. 

Here at Legacy Touch, we are proud to be able to help families feel a connection to their Loved One. Each piece of Fingerprint Jewelry we create is handcrafted by expert artists right here in the heartland of Kansas City, MO. We treat every piece as our most important with careful attention to detail and a commitment to providing you with only the highest-quality heirlooms that honor the love you share.