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Did Your Loved One Die? Here are 4 Unique Memorials that Honor Their Legacy


Your late Loved One had a beautiful life worthy of memorializing.


A way to honor the legacy of someone special, memorials are mementoes and treasures that friends and family of the deceased use to remember them. But just as no two people are alike, there are countless different types of memorials that can help bring peace and comfort to those who are grieving.


Why Memorials are Important for Honoring Your Late Loved One

The memorial you choose will not only represent your late Loved One’s life and the bond you shared, but it will also serve as a way for you to continue to feel close to them in the days, weeks, and years ahead.

When you miss your Loved One, you can look at their memorial and remember that they are still with you. A small piece of comfort to help you begin to heal.


A memorial that is personalized to represent something unique about your Loved One can mean even more and offer you comfort while keeping their memory alive.


Ideas for Unique Personalized Memorials

Memorials can be personalized to celebrate whatever made your Loved One unique. At Legacy Touch, we engrave each of our memorials with your late Loved One’s fingerprint pattern, making it truly unlike any other. Just as their fingerprint is one-of-a-kind, so is their memorial.


From Jewelry to Keepsakes to Christmas Ornaments, and more, you can choose a memorial that is meaningful to you and connects you to the person you miss. A few of our most popular personalized memorial styles include:


Fingerprint Bookmark

brass memorial bookmark engraved with fingerprint

Keep your Loved One forever top-of-mind with a Bookmark engraved with their fingerprint, name, and favorite inscription. Use it as a placeholder for your current read so that you are always reminded of the memories you shared.


Fingerprint Ring

memorial fingerprint rings

The circular shape of a Ring symbolizes many important things—including the unending bond between you and your Loved One. Wear a Ring engraved with their fingerprint, and feel that closeness each day. Plus, add further meaning to the memorial Ring with an inscription engraved on the inside of the band.


Fingerprint Necklace

memorial fingerprint necklaces

There’s no better way to keep your Loved One in your heart than by wearing a memorial Necklace. Our Fingerprint Pendants, Lockets, Lariats, and more keep your Loved One forever touching your heart and are a beautiful reminder of a lifetime of shared love.


Fingerprint Ornament

memorial fingerprint christmas ornaments

Perfect for keeping late family members close during the holiday season, our Fingerprint Ornaments offer you a sense of their comforting, constant presence. They can also be displayed year-round in a place of honor, like hung on the frame of a cherished photo of your Loved One.


Comfort Available When You Need it Most, In Time for Services

Memorials are an important part of the healing process when you’re facing grief. That’s why we offer 24HR turnaround on most of our personalized Jewelry and Keepsakes.


This means that you can have your Loved One’s memorial with you to hold throughout visitation and memorial services. As you say goodbye, you can feel their fingerprint on the memorial Jewelry or Keepsake and know that their spirit will continue to be with you, always.