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Engraving Options for Jewelry


One way to add incredible meaning to your Jewelry is by having it engraved with a unique image or phrase. When you choose to engrave something special on your Pendant, Charm, Ring, Dog Tag, or other piece, it becomes more than Jewelry. It becomes a beautiful, one-of-a-kind heirloom that you can treasure, always.


Different Types of Engraving for Jewelry

At Legacy Touch, we believe there’s nothing more meaningful than your Loved One, and we hope to help you honor the bond you share by having their one-of-a-kind print engraved on a piece of Jewelry.



jewelry engraved with fingerprints

Just as no two people are the same, no two fingerprints are identical. That’s what makes Fingerprint Jewelry so unique. Featuring the lines and grooves that make up your Loved One’s fingerprint pattern, each personalized Jewelry piece offers a tangible connection to them.


Handprint or Footprint

jewelry engraved with footprint

Along with fingerprints, we also offer the option of engraving an infant’s handprint or footprint on our personalized Jewelry. Every detail of the print is thoughtfully engraved on the piece, helping you to keep your little one near.


Paw Print

ornament engraved with paw print

Our pets are some of the most important friends we have. That’s why our team of artists and jewelers are experts at engraving your best buddy’s paw print on Jewelry. Our team can also beautifully engrave nose prints, hoof prints, or another defining feature of your pet, if they aren’t a dog or cat.


Inscriptions that Can be Engraved on Jewelry

At Legacy Touch, you can choose to engrave phrases on your Jewelry along with your print of choice. The specifics of this additional engraving will depend on the Keepsake you choose. For example, a Ring can have a short engraving on the inside of the band, while a Pendant can have a longer engraving on the back of the piece. Please see all of the details for each individual style on its product page.


Name & Dates

jewelry engraved with name and dates

One of the most popular things to have engraved on Jewelry is your Loved One’s name or nickname, along with a significant date. This is typically their birthdate and can also include their date of death, if you’re memorializing them.



jewelry engraved with monogram

A monogram is another simple, yet elegant, option to engrave on your Jewelry. The initials add a gorgeous, minimalistic style to the Jewelry while helping you stay connected to someone you love.


Custom Inscription

bookmark engraved with inscription

From bible verses to song lyrics to words you’ve written yourself, a custom inscription is a heartfelt addition to any piece of Jewelry. Looking for inspiration? Check out our list of inscription examples.


Whether you’re perfecting a memorial Keepsake to help you remember a Loved One, creating your own Paw Print Jewelry to keep you close to your best buddy, or simply looking to add a statement piece to your wardrobe, we hope that our custom engraved Jewelry can be a meaningful, beautiful memento for you.


Learn more about how we engrave fingerprints, handprints, footprints, paw prints, and inscriptions on personalized Jewelry.