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Honor & Remember: How Our Fingerprint Dog Tag Connects Families


There is unimaginable comfort that can be felt when you have your Loved One close to you. Holding them near can be a reminder that the bond between you is unbreakable.


Engraved with the fingerprint of someone you care for, our Dog Tags have helped many people experience that closeness to a Loved One. Whether worn as a memorial Keepsake or given as a gift to a veteran, individuals can touch the lines and grooves of the unique fingerprint and feel the peace that only their Loved One’s presence can provide.


Recently, families have shared with us how they have felt connected to their Loved Ones with their Fingerprint Dog Tag.


“I purchased this for my brother’s birthday, which was only a month after the passing

of our dad. He was blown away! He said this was the most priceless thing he owns…To be able

to carry this memory with you is AMAZING!”

  • Lanchon S.


“I kissed his fingertips so many times in life it's almost like touching him again.”

  • Christin L.


“Very nice memorial of my husband…I will treasure it forever. My husband was in the Air Force for 23 years and I have his Dog Tags that I will keep alongside this memorial Dog Tag.”

  • Virginia R.


“We ordered 2 of the Dog Tags in memory of mother/grandmother. My brother and my son are both very happy with their Dog Tags. It's nice they will always have her with them and close to their hearts.”

  • Cathi J.


“My son purchased this to hang in his car to remind him of his Pappa. They both shared the love of cars.”

  • Denise H.


“Super nice gift for my dad after my grandfather passed away. He really liked it and wears it almost on a daily basis.”

  • Christopher W.


If you have recently lost a Loved One, please accept our condolences and support. We hope that you feel comforted by their presence each day.