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How Thumb Print Charm Bracelets Bring Families Together

There’s nothing more meaningful than being able to hold our family close. Even after a family member passes away, memorial Jewelry can help us to experience that precious, tangible connection to them once again.

One style of Fingerprint Jewelry memorial that has helped offer peace and healing to families is our custom Thumb Print Charm Bracelet. Families can feel the engraved lines and grooves of their Loved One’s print on the Charm and know that their spirit is forever near.

Recently, we’ve heard from families about how their own personalized memorial Charm has helped bring them closer to the people they love deeply and miss dearly.

Personalized Thumb Print Charm Bracelet Reviews

“I had two Silver Offset Heart Charms made after my brother passed away. They were beautiful. My mom and niece were so happy. Thank you!”
- Danielle L.

“It’s the perfect piece to keep my father close.”
- Sara R.

“It’s beautiful. I purchased this for my mother. It has her mother’s fingerprint on it. I couldn’t think of a better gift than to have a little piece of her mom with her always.”
- Kasey B.

“It’s so beautiful. I got it for my daughter who was very close to her papa (my daddy). She wears it every day.”
- Yosi

“They are beautiful…I bought for my granddaughters with their mother’s fingerprint. Made me cry when I opened it, I may buy one for myself one day! Beautiful to have something of my daughter so personal.”
- Curtis M.

“I wear my Charm every day. Makes me feel close to my Loved One.”
- Darla C.

Thank you for sharing your stories of connection with us. May you always feel the comfort of having the people you love close.