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How to Choose a Necklace Chain Length


In order to wear your personalized Fingerprint Pendant, Charm, Dog Tag, or other custom Jewelry near your heart, you need to find the right Necklace Chain length for your piece.


Choosing a Chain that fits your body and style can be easy. In fact, here are three different tips for finding the correct Chain length:


Measure a Necklace You Already Have

If you already have a Necklace that you like the look and length of, you can easily measure it to determine the Chain size for your new Jewelry. To begin, simply unclasp your Necklace and lay it out straight on a table or other flat surface. Then, use a ruler or tape measure to find the size of that Chain.


Use a Chain Length Guide

necklace chain length guide

Seeing examples of different Chain lengths on another person can help you determine the right one for you. That’s why a Chain Length Guide is a helpful resource. Our Necklace Chain Length Guide provides a clear visual of how various lengths will fit, while giving insight as to which body types, face shapes, and clothing styles are best complemented by each size.


Buy an Adjustable Style

Adjustable Necklace Chains are a great option for people who aren’t exactly sure of the length they want as well as those who desire a little more flexibility with their Jewelry. Our Adjustable Chains have different length options in 2 inch increments, creating both style and comfort versatility. Plus, they can be worn together with other Chains of shorter or longer lengths to create a beautiful layered look.


Once you find the right length, you can personalize your Chain by choosing a metal type and color that you love. Our Necklace Chains are available in Sterling Silver as well as 10k or 14k Rose, White, or Yellow Gold, creating the perfect pairing for any Jewelry style.