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How to Get a Footprint Engraved on Jewelry


There are few things more precious than Jewelry engraved with a young person’s footprint. As unique as a fingerprint, a baby’s footprint represents their unique story—which is why it can be such a meaningful addition to Necklaces, Bracelets, and more.


Whether worn by parents and grandparents looking to keep the newest family member close to their heart or kept as a memorial that remembers a life that was lost far too soon, Footprint Jewelry is a beautiful option for honoring the bond shared between you and your little one.


Step-by-Step Instructions for Getting Footprint Jewelry Made

Engraving a Loved One's footprint on Jewelry is a beautiful and meaningful way to keep them close to your heart. Get started creating your own memento by following these step-by-step instructions:


Step 1: Get an Image of the Footprint

The first step in getting a footprint engraved on Jewelry is to get a clear image of the footprint. Many hospitals will provide parents with their baby’s inked footprint when they’re born, but you can also take one yourself by using a child-safe ink pad and paper. Once you have the print, take a picture of it using your smartphone, or scan it into your computer so that you have a digital file of it.


Tip: Make sure the footprint image is sharp and well-lit to ensure the engraving comes out clearly.


Step 2: Generate a Legacy Touch PIN

Once you have the image of the footprint, you will need to generate a Legacy Touch PIN. A PIN is a Personal Identification Number that is assigned to the unique print you upload. As you customize your Jewelry of choice, you’ll input this PIN, ensuring your Loved One’s print is what is engraved on the piece.


You can easily generate your own PIN on our website. If you’re memorializing a Loved One who has passed, we recommend reaching out to the funeral home since they may have already created a PIN for you.


Step 3: Choose the Jewelry You’d Like Engraved

Once you have the PIN, you’re ready to start browsing the selection of Jewelry options available to you. At Legacy Touch, we offer a range of styles including Pendants, Charms, Dog Tags, Cufflinks, and more. Find one that is the most meaningful to you—and that you will find joy in wearing each day.


Step 4: Personalize Your Jewelry

Once you have chosen your Jewelry style, you can personalize it with the Footprint image you have captured by inputting the PIN on the product’s page. Most Jewelry can be made even more special with the addition of Symbolic Charms, Birthstone Charms featuring Swarovski® Crystals, Bails, Chains, and even a custom inscription that you write yourself.


Step 5: Expedite Your Order

Our standard delivery timeframe for most Jewelry styles is approximately one week, but if you want to receive your engraved Jewelry sooner, you can choose to expedite your order. Accelerated Production will get a U.S. order to you within 3-5 business days, while our Express Production will get a U.S. order to you the very next business day, if placed before Noon CST Monday-Friday. We know how special Footprint Jewelry can be to families, which is why we offer this 24HR Turnaround service. This will ensure that your personalized piece is delivered to you in a timely manner, allowing you to cherish and wear it sooner.


Please Note: Delivery timeframes differ during the holidays. Please visit our shipping resource for up-to-date information.


How Footprint Jewelry Comforts and Connects Families

Jewelry engraved with the footprint of someone you love can offer comfort to you, whether you’re grieving the loss of an infant or simply want to feel close to your little one every single day.


It is our sincerest hope that you can feel this cherished connection to the people you love today, tomorrow, and always.


If you have further questions or would like assistance getting Jewelry engraved with a footprint, please contact us.