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How to Get Your Pet’s Paw Print


Your pet’s paw print is as unique as they are. Just like your own fingerprint, their paw print is truly one-of-a-kind. That’s why it can be such a special symbol for you to keep as a memento or even memorial.


Thankfully, getting your cat or dog’s paw print is easy. Continue reading to learn more and get step-by-step instructions for capturing a good paw print image.


Why You May Need to Get Your Pet’s Paw Print

There are a few different reasons for needing to get a copy of your pet’s paw print, including:

  • For Personalized Jewelry: There’s nothing quite as sweet as holding your cat or dog close. This can easily be done with Jewelry personalized with their paw print. Whether a Ring, Necklace, Bracelet, or other style, you can keep a little piece of your companion with you wherever you go. Plus, Paw Print Jewelry offers the perfect conversation starter—helping give you an extra excuse to talk about your pet.
  • To Memorialize Your Pet: Our pet’s lives are much too short. After they’re gone, it’s important to find a way to memorialize them. Using their paw print on a memorial can be a beautiful way to honor, remember, and find comfort in their life and the memories you and your buddy shared.
  • To Ease Separation Anxiety: People can have separation anxiety, too! If you spend long hours away from your pet, having their paw print with you can help you to continue to feel close to them until you are back together.


Instructions for Getting Your Cat or Dog’s Paw Print

Getting your pet’s paw print doesn’t have to be stressful for you—or them. Learn more about five of the options below, and choose the one that works best for you and your pet.


Pet-Safe Ink Kit

There are a lot of options for pet-safe ink paw print kits. There are even versions that are completely inkless so that your dog or cat’s paw stays clean the entire time. Choose one that you trust, then follow its instructions to capture your pet’s paw print.



Our Jewelry artists can handcraft Paw Print Jewelry using a high-quality picture of your pet’s paw. To ensure the best print possible, try taking the photo in daylight and brushing any fur away from the pad of their foot so that the print can be clearly seen.


Clay Impression

Many pet parents will choose to make their own clay impression of their pet’s paw for Christmas Ornaments or other Keepsakes to display around home. If you’ve done this for your pet, you can take a picture of the impression and send it to our team of artists, who can then use the outline to engrave your Jewelry.



Have you ever noticed the paw prints your dog leaves behind after walking through a puddle? We can use those to engrave your Jewelry! The next time it rains, take your pup for a walk and get ready to take a picture of the watermark their paw leaves behind.


Please Note: This tactic likely won’t work as well for your cat, so please choose a different option for taking their prints.


Vet Assistance

Many pet hospitals and veterinary offices will be more than happy to help you take your pet’s paw print. Simply ask at their next checkup.


Most vets will also provide you with a copy of your pet’s paw print if they have passed away in their care. Reach out to your pet’s doctor to see if this is possible, or if they have your late pet’s paw print on file.


Advice for Taking Clear Paw Prints

If you’re taking your cat or dog’s paw print, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind in order to get the clearest, best images.


First, be sure your pet’s paw is clean before you get started. Wipe away any dirt or excess hair with a damp, soft cloth. You don’t want anything to obstruct the print.


Also try your best to keep your pet as calm as possible throughout the experience so that they don’t accidentally smudge the print or create a blurry image. Treats are always a good idea for keeping your cat or dog happy and attentive.


Finally, take the time to get a few different print images. Perfection rarely happens on the first attempt, which is why you should take at least 3-4 paw prints. This way, you’ll have multiple options and can choose the very best one to keep.