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Inspiration for Memorial Jewelry Inscriptions


Memorial Jewelry is an incredibly personal, beautiful way to remember a family member or friend who has passed away. This heirloom will represent your Loved One and the legacy they left behind, while bringing you comfort every time you wear it. When you add a custom engraved inscription to your piece, the remembrance Jewelry becomes even more meaningful.


Memorial Jewelry Inscription Examples

Whether a Charm, Ring, or Cremation Pendant, most styles of memorial Jewelry provide enough space for an inscription to be included. This inscription is chosen by you and can offer significant connection to your Loved One. We hope that our examples below can help lend inspiration to you and help you choose what you would like engraved on your Keepsake.


Name and Date

 memorial fingerprint lighter with name and date

The most popular inscription for memorial Jewelry is your Loved One’s name, followed by their date of birth and date of death. Simple, yet meaningful, this classic option honors the life of someone special.



 stainless steel oval pendant memorial with monogram

Another standard inscription that you can choose is a monogram. Featuring the initials of your Loved One, a monogram is an elegant symbol to help you remember a family member or friend.


Personal Message

 rose gold heart pendant with memorial message inscription

It doesn’t get more heartfelt than a personal message written on your memorial Jewelry. This message can be a favorite nickname for your Loved One or a saying they were known for. It can also be a message written by you to your Loved One, like “I’ll miss you, always.”


Favorite Quote

 stainless steel heart memorial necklace with quote

Quotes are powerful phrases that many people hold close throughout their lives. If your Loved One had a favorite, you can have it engraved on your Keepsake. Think about the songs, movies, or books that your Loved One enjoyed to help you find a quote for your memorial Jewelry.


Meaningful Verse

 case knife memorial with bible verse

Bible verses are another beautiful way to honor a deceased Loved One. They can provide ongoing peace and comfort each time you see them. Choose a verse that holds personal meaning to you or one that was cherished by the person you’re memorializing.


Advice for Writing Your Inscription

As you write your inscription, be sure to keep in mind the available space on your chosen piece of Jewelry. Larger items like Pendants and Dog Tags will allow for a longer inscription than smaller pieces like Charms and Rings.


Take some time to think over your inscription and make sure it is what you want to help you remember your Loved One. Try writing a few different options and then decide from there which feels the most personal and meaningful to you.