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Meaningful Father’s Day Gifts for Him


Father’s Day is the perfect time to let the caring men in our lives know how much they are loved. Whether a dad, grandpa, uncle, or brother who has always been there for you, show your father figure that you appreciate him with a gift that means more.


Jewelry and Keepsakes engraved with the fingerprint of a Loved One are a gift that he will always cherish. Every time he touches the print, he will feel the comfort that only his Loved One’s presence can provide.



fingerprint keychain 

“It was precious to see my brother-in-law and two nephews open and see the Keychain with my sister's print on it and a special message just for them.”

-           Donna S.


He will be able to bring someone he loves along with him on every adventure with our Stainless Steel Fingerprint Keychain. This Keepsake will remind him that he is never alone, and that the love his family has for him can always be felt.


Military Dog Tag

 fingerprint dog tag necklace

“Super nice gift for my dad after my grandfather passed away. He really liked it and wears it almost on a daily basis.”

-           Christopher W.


Our Military Dog Tag will help him to honor the love he shares with someone dear to him. A heartwarming gift for veterans, active duty military personnel, or military families, our Dog Tag can be customized with an inscription of his favorite phrase, nickname, or verse, alongside a detailed fingerprint.


Case® Executive Pocket Knife

 fingerprint case pocket knife

“This brought tears for my husband when he opened it. The detail of the fingerprint and being able to feel every line is amazing.”

-           Connie S.


There’s nothing more precious than being able to tangibly feel near someone special. Give him that gift of connection with our Case Pocket Knife, engraved with the unique pattern of a Loved One’s fingerprint. A beautiful, yet practical, gift full of meaning, our Fingerprint Pocket Knife is also available in a Dual Print version, giving him the ability to keep close two Loved Ones.


Lapel Pins

 fingerprint lapel pin

“I ordered this for my husband, son, and my brother as a Keepsake. They all loved them very much.”

-           Debbie K.


Subtle and elegant, a Fingerprint Lapel Pin is a handsome addition to any wardrobe. Your father figure can wear this piece to any formal occasion and know that someone who loves him is near. Our Lapel Pins are available as a set of three, so you can give one to each of the men who helped you become the person you are today.


This Father’s Day, and every other day, we hope that dads—and the other important men in our lives—know how thankful we are for them. May the gifts we give to them be a token of appreciation for the abundance of love they have given to us.