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Personalized Gifts that Mean More


When choosing a gift for someone in your life, you want it to be something they will cherish. The thought that you put into the gift will let your friend or family member know how much you care. Personalized gifts, like Jewelry and Keepsakes engraved with a fingerprint, express that sentiment in a unique, meaningful way.


Each of our Keepsakes and pieces of Jewelry are customized by you, then lovingly engraved by our team of artists and jewelers to feature the lines and grooves that make the fingerprint you provide one-of-a-kind. The fingerprint can belong to a parent, sibling, child, friend, or any other person the recipient loves and would like to feel connected to. It can also be from someone who has passed away, creating a memorial gift that offers unmatched comfort.


When you give these precious items as a gift, the recipient will be able to feel the engraved fingerprint and know that there is nothing else like it.


Dual Print 14k Yellow Gold Tear Drop Charm

dual print gold tear drop fingerprint charm


“Bought as a gift for my mom and she loved it. It was very special.”

  • Kyla C.


Featuring the fingerprints of two different Loved Ones, our Dual Print Tear Drop Charm keeps the wearer connected to the people who mean the most to them. Beautifully engraved in stunning 14k Yellow Gold, this Charm can be worn as either a Necklace or a Bracelet and can be paired with Symbolic and Birthstone Charms, providing further personalization options for the Jewelry.


Personalize a Charm


Stainless Steel Keychain

Fingerprint Stainless Steel Keychain


“I put mine with my car keys so a memory of my wife is always traveling with me.”

  • Nicholas N.


A Loved One can always be near, thanks to our Fingerprint Keychain. Add a favorite inscription of a name and date, monogram, or phrase to the Stainless Steel piece to further customize the Keepsake. We also offer a Dual Print version of the Keychain, for those who wish to bring more than one Loved One with them on their adventures.


Personalize a Keychain


Sterling Silver Heart Locket

Fingerprint Sterling Silver Heart Locket


“A tribute to my soulmate. I will cherish it always. It is beautiful!”

  • Sarah C.


Our Lockets feature a carefully engraved fingerprint along with a precious photo to create a tangible connection to a Loved One. The Fingerprint Locket Necklace can be worn next to the heart as a sweet, daily reminder of shared love. When open, the Locket can be a beautiful conversation piece that helps tell a Loved One’s story.


Personalize a Locket


Theo the Keepsake Teddy Bear

Keepsake Teddy Bear


“Though we cannot hug my aunt, we can still hug this bear and see her thumbprint. I can’t wait to surprise my mom with this gift!”

  • Tiffany S.


Our comforting Keepsake Teddy Bears allow recipients to hold a Loved One close. Each Teddy Bear wears a Stainless Steel Charm that is engraved with a Loved One’s fingerprint along with a custom inscription. A heartfelt gift for kids, grandparents, parents, and military families, the personalized Teddy Bears soothe those who miss someone special.


Personalize a Teddy Bear


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