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Personalized Zippo® Lighter – Meaningful Fingerprint Keepsakes


Keeping your Loved One’s presence near can help provide you and your family with incredible peace and comfort. One way to do this is through a Keepsake that displays a Loved One’s unique fingerprint. A tangible reminder of your shared memories and love, personalized Keepsakes can help draw families close, always.


Recently, we have been honored to hear how families are finding meaningful connection to their Loved Ones through the Zippo Brushed Chrome Lighter.


“Absolutely love this Lighter with my nephew's fingerprint. It looks great and will always be special to me.”

  • Darlene B.


“Very impressed with the Zippo. My brother’s fingerprint added such a beautiful touch to it. It was a very special gift to give to my father.”

  • Angela S.


“My son was overwhelmed with this graduation gift. It could not be more meaningful than to have a part of his father with him every day.”

  • Louise S.


Thank you for sharing your family’s stories of love and connection with us. We are proud to be a part of helping you experience closeness to one another, and hope that you always feel the peace of having your Loved One’s presence near.