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Stories from People Who Have Found Comfort Through a Fingerprint Necklace


When you’re missing someone you love, nothing is more comforting than holding close something that reminds you of them. One way to do this is by wearing a Fingerprint Necklace.


How Fingerprint Necklaces Comfort Families

Engraved with your late Loved One’s unique fingerprint, memorial Necklaces allow you to hold the person you miss close to your heart. As you do, you’ll feel their presence with you and experience the peace of having them near once again.


Recently, families have shared with us how they have found comfort through their own Fingerprint Necklaces:


“I love it! I wear my Necklace all the time, wouldn't take it off.”

  • Sue A.


“I am very pleased with my Necklace. By wearing his thumbprint I feel as if he is near me.”

  • Charlotte T.


“I received one when my son passed and I LOVE mine so when my friend lost her daughter I got her one. I know she will cherish it as much as I do mine.”

  • Tina K.


“I love my Necklace it makes me feel like my mother is always with me.”

  • Gwendolyn E.


“I have purchased two of these Military Dog Tags for my sons. They both love them. My Father was a great influence on my sons so now they carry him close to their hearts. They are beautiful.”

  • Carla


Types of Fingerprint Necklaces

There is a Fingerprint Necklace type that fits every style, including statement Pendants, delicate Charms, masculine Dog Tags, and more. Explore popular Fingerprint Necklaces below, then choose your favorite to personalize.


  • Pendants: Available in Heart, Tear Drop, Vertical Bar, Oval, and other meaningful shapes, each Pendant is lovingly engraved with your family member’s fingerprint along with a custom inscription on the back.
  • Charms: Smaller and lighter than our Pendants, Fingerprint Charms are a delicate yet impactful way to feel your Loved One with you. Choose from Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, and Sterling Silver styles and add a short inscription to the back.
  • Lariats: One of the most popular kinds of Jewelry today, Lariat Necklaces engraved with your Loved One’s fingerprint offer a stylish way for you to honor someone you miss. Personalize your own in Sterling Silver or Yellow Gold.
  • Lockets: When you open one of our memorial Lockets, you will find your Loved One’s fingerprint engraved in precise detail alongside a place for you to put a favorite picture. These heart or oval-shaped Necklaces can also be engraved with your Loved One’s name or monogram on the outside, creating a touching tribute even when the Locket is closed.
  • Dog Tags: A great option for men’s Jewelry, our Dog Tags feature your Loved One’s fingerprint on the front. Our Military, Black Aluminum Ultralight, Sterling Silver, and Gold styles can also have an inscription added to the back to help further tell your Loved One’s story.


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