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Stories that Connect Us: Personalized Memorial Bookmarks


Your Loved One’s life was all about stories. The ones they told you and the ones you wrote through your experiences together. After a Loved One passes away, these stories are what can bring you undeniable comfort in your time of grief.


You can keep these stories—and your Loved One—near with a personalized Bookmark engraved with their unique fingerprint.


Recently, families have shared with us how their memorial Bookmark has helped them remember and honor their Loved One’s life story.


Reviews of Personalized Memorial Bookmarks


“My mother was an avid reader. And I found this to be the perfect memento in remembrance of her that I could actually use, since I also like to read.”

  • T.


“I purchased the Bookmark in remembrance of my sister who passed. She read the Bible often so this Bookmark will be going in my Bible so that I think of her every time I do my prayers.”

  • Deanne


“Such a wonderful, personal way to have your Loved One's memory with you. It is such a lovely piece and the craftsmanship is excellent.”

  • Amy S.


“This memorial Bookmark with a fingerprint is such a treasure for our family [in] memory of our much loved deceased relative. It's impeccable, very high quality and beautiful.”

  • KT


“Worth every penny to see my 13 year old avid reader open this on his birthday for a memory of his grandpa he loves and misses so much.”

  • Kimberly D.


“It is a great memory of my Loved One, every time I open my book, I think of them.”

  • Cara H.


“Thank you. It makes me feel better having my mom’s fingerprint with me all the time.”

  • Glenda R.


“My mom fell in love with this! Now I know my dad is watching over her everyday as she reads! Thank you so much!!!”

  • Katie F.


Please accept our sympathy for your loss. May you continue to feel close to your Loved One and find comfort in their life’s story.